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The association of product certification bodies in Europe active in the construction sector



Contribute through Voluntary Product Certification (VPC) to the realization of (the quality) in civil and building works in Europe.


Mission of EB for Manufacturers

  • VPC is an instrument for diversification and tailor-made product certificates for
    • Countries with different demands (as a result of historical, cultural, natural and economical differences) and for
    • Sub-industries with different product characteristics.
  • CE marking plus the product certification mark applied voluntarily, is the profitable access road to markets.
  • No duplication of activities when choosing for Voluntary product Certification Marks in different countries.


Mission of EB for Individual members and new members

  • The association is the platform for the VPC, implements a quality standard for members, which perform VPC, shows ways of networking and supports the members.
  • The association takes away the decreasing demand for VPC in the long run.
  • The association is interlocutor on behalf of the members with Authorities/legislators/accreditors.

Mission of EB for Authorities/legislators/accreditors

  • Voluntary product Certification Marks (VCMs) on building products besides CE marking demolish barriers to trade and are instruments to realize quality in civil and building works in Europe.
  • Members perform VPC according an EB quality standard for ways of networking of product certifiers, including peer-assessments and the application of round robin testing.


Mission of EB for Architects/project developers

  • The VCM on building products besides CE marking is the prove that
    • The product is also in conformity with the technical specifications of the architect, the project developer, the purchaser, etc.;
    • Reliable information about the quality of building products that have quality in end-use situations is available and made to measure for all phases of the building process in countries of the European Economic Area.


Mission of EB for Contractors

  • The VCM on building products besides CE marking
    • Are in conformity with the specifications of the architect/project developer which relies on product certification;
    • Ease the business-to-business contacts with sub-contractors and suppliers.
    • Guarantee the quality of building products in local civil and building works.
    • Certified products cover a liability arrangement.